The world's population will grow from 7 billion now to over 9 billion in 2050.  As we look to the future, we are focusing on farm averages of 300 bushels per acre on corn; 100 bushels per acre on soybeans; and 10 tons of alfalfa per acre.   Will there be enough food for everyone?  At Federal Hybrids®, we are doing our part to "feed the world".  Our mission is to help the American farmer increase their production, be more competitive in today's marketplace, and reduce hunger worldwide. 

It is our continual goal to add more yield and profit to the American farmer's bottom line when you plant our high-performing seed corn, soybeans and alfalfa varieties.  We offer a broad portfolio of products including Genuity®, Agrisure® traits and others to help maximize your diversity, thereby, reducing your risk. 

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you choose the right varieties and traits for your specific farm fields to give you the greatest return on your investment.  

In an age of high input costs, today's farmer needs to closely manage all aspects of their operation.  Deciding which varieties and traits go on each field is the most important input factor that we have the ability to control.  Federal Hybrids® specializes in matching your farm's soil types and farming practicies with the best varieties and traits the industry has to offer.

"We'll do whatever we can to earn your business, and even more to keep it." 

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